Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday night

It's Friday night, and B is on his way home, so I thought I'd write a blog entry.

Snoozen pointed out that it's been a little while between my positive thoughts for the day. It's been a bit of a down week. No real reason, just not feeling positive or motivated about anything right now. I am happy it is the weekend though.

Plans for the weekend:


Go to growers market, pick up fresh fruit and veg.
Go to gym, get chastised by trainer for not training during week, then do hard workout.
Play WoW (World of Warcraft)
Make lasagne for dinner, spend evening with husband (which is the part I'm looking forward to most by far, spending time with B that is)


We're thinking of going to Billy Kwong restaurant, maybe for lunch. Other than that, no real plans, but if we're in the city I'm guessing we'll gravitate towards the harbour, B likes the water, as do I.

Positive thought for the day:

Snoozen told me I am caring. I find it hard, as she is making me examine myself and question my good points, but I love her for it, she is pushing me to grow.

So yes, I must admit I am caring, to people I care about. LOL

Apart from that, I have been trying to make a concerted effort to see the good in everyone, not just people I like. It's easy to care about people you like, much harder for people you just don't get, people who annoy you, people you just plain don't understand.

But as long as I keep trying, then I'm moving to a better place.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Husband shall be known as ....

So I needed a name, a secret identity if you will, for my husband ...

I put a couple of names by him, and his suggestion was ... Mr. Incredible

Hmmm ... this is Mr. Incredible:

And while I do find my husband incredible, I thought perhaps not.

So henceforth he will simply be referred to as B.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Amazing Race

Woo hoo! The Amazing Race is starting up again.

h/t to Caltechgirl, otherwise I would never have known!

Hmm ... I think I can already pick that I won't be a fan of Kynt & Vyxsin. Kynt describes himself as "abstract, atypical and avant-garde" ... as you do. And I know I'm a fashion ignoramus, but I thought goths wore all black, I didn't realise fluorescent pink was part of it lol

Other than that, seems to be fairly typical teams, the father/daughter thing, the couples who seem to think that the best solution to a troubled relationship is to add a reality show travel competition to their lives, the two blondes , the best friends etc

Should be good, can't wait to see it. May be a download effort though, haven't heard that it is starting up here soon as yet.

Positive thought for the day

I must admit I'm having difficulty thinking of one nice thing about myself each day. It's easy to think of nice things about other people, but easy to think of bad things about yourself.

Snoozen said that I am kind. So that is my nice thing about myself today. Not that I am kind always, but I have been kind and I certainly have the capacity to be kind. Not saintly kind, just regular kind, like if someone is having a bad time of things I'll make them a cuppa tea, or a meal, so they know I care and want to make something easier for them.

Rainy day

It's a rainy old evening in Sydney, and looks like it is going to rain for the weekend too.

Which is great and all for the water crisis, great for the plants etc ...

Not so good when you have planned the first BBQ of the season for lunch tomorrow ... lol

Seems to be the thing though, you plan a BBQ the weather turns. Lucky I didn't plan to wash my car as well, we'd be having floods right about now!