Friday, November 2, 2007

Amazing Race

Woo hoo! The Amazing Race is starting up again.

h/t to Caltechgirl, otherwise I would never have known!

Hmm ... I think I can already pick that I won't be a fan of Kynt & Vyxsin. Kynt describes himself as "abstract, atypical and avant-garde" ... as you do. And I know I'm a fashion ignoramus, but I thought goths wore all black, I didn't realise fluorescent pink was part of it lol

Other than that, seems to be fairly typical teams, the father/daughter thing, the couples who seem to think that the best solution to a troubled relationship is to add a reality show travel competition to their lives, the two blondes , the best friends etc

Should be good, can't wait to see it. May be a download effort though, haven't heard that it is starting up here soon as yet.


b said...

absolutely brilliant episode one! all of the classics - couples arguing, getting lost, hassles with animals, heights, accents. And of course Phil explaining things.

Fleat said...

I agree, very very very good. And let's not forget that The Amazing Race is a love letter to the world! LOL

A said...

Fairly typical teams? I don't know about that - it's not everyday you see two lesbian ordained ministers riding a bike along a tightrope above a gorge! (Though I'm sure there was a joke somewhere there.)

Happy with the eliminees - the guy's voice was annoying us already. But the brother and sister overachievers are a little too close for my comfort.

And tanx* again for passing the ep along to us!

* Was a typo, but left it in as a tip o' the hat to the Oirish.

Helen said...

I would kill to be able to watch that show, but it just isn't aired here.

Fleat said...

a - happy to share, even when you are being irish lol. Agreed on the eliminees, he was just a bit too excited about being mean to the other competitors.

helen - if you like once we have the season I could send a copy your way ... :)