Friday, November 2, 2007

Rainy day

It's a rainy old evening in Sydney, and looks like it is going to rain for the weekend too.

Which is great and all for the water crisis, great for the plants etc ...

Not so good when you have planned the first BBQ of the season for lunch tomorrow ... lol

Seems to be the thing though, you plan a BBQ the weather turns. Lucky I didn't plan to wash my car as well, we'd be having floods right about now!


Bou said...

Holy crap, are y'all having a water crisis like we are? Is this a global thing? It's horrible here in the US. Very very scary... there are municipalities having water trucked in.

Got your email!! Thank you!

Fleat said...

We're no where near the point of having water trucked in, but yes we have been on restrictions for quite some time, don't think they'll ever be lifted. Can only water plants on certain days etc etc, nothing overly severe.