Friday, November 2, 2007

Positive thought for the day

I must admit I'm having difficulty thinking of one nice thing about myself each day. It's easy to think of nice things about other people, but easy to think of bad things about yourself.

Snoozen said that I am kind. So that is my nice thing about myself today. Not that I am kind always, but I have been kind and I certainly have the capacity to be kind. Not saintly kind, just regular kind, like if someone is having a bad time of things I'll make them a cuppa tea, or a meal, so they know I care and want to make something easier for them.

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Snoozen said...

Haven't seen a positive thought of the day for a while! So here is another one from care.

Caring can come in so many different ways, I will focus on the positive. You care about your friends and family and now you are starting to care about yourself so continue and repeat after me again while smiling I am kind and I am caring, imagine how long your list is going to be and smile that secret no one else knows what I am thinking smile.