Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Origin I

Heading off to ANZ Stadium shortly for the first State of Origin. It's going to be cold out there, so this is what I'm wearing:

long sleeved shirt
sloppy joe
polar fleece jumper

3/4 gym pants
2 pairs socks (one of the pairs are bed socks)

A beanie and gloves

Do I feel the cold? Yes, indeedy! :)

Yay! Blues won! Good game, excellent entertainment. Crowd of 76, 620 people, happy crowd, lots of fun was had.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 10 - nothing off my waist

Bit of a down day today. Second of four cleanse days of the program. I'm finding these are the days that my mood takes a downward spiral a bit, I'm a bit quieter, more insular. I'm guessing part of that is the hardly any food thing (I've had an apple, plus they give you these wafer snacks that you're allowed 6 of during the day).

However, mostly it's because I'm not seeing the results I went on this thing for. I wanted to lose fat from around my stomach. I had a workout with my trainer tonight, and she took measurements to compare with measurements taken at the beginning of the program. Nothing off my stomach. Nothing! At all. And my weight on the scales, exactly the same.

In my other measurements I did lose in other places, my neck (what's with that??), my chest, my ribs, my thigh. Not areas I needed to lose anything at all, I mean geez, I don't have much in the way of boobs as it is!

This is a whiny post, I apologise. I know that it's only day 10, there's a ways to go. Just disheartening that's all. My trainer is going to go over what I've eaten, and figure out what is going on, as she thought there'd be more of a difference after 10 days too.

I've stuck to the program to the letter, so maybe my body is just slow to get going, we'll see.

P.S One more sleep to Origin I, let's hope the Blues can get up tomorrow night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 9

Well, I've made it to Day 9. I now have no qualms about making it to day 30, if I can make it this far, I can make it to the end.

Doesn't mean that I don't struggle with it still sometimes though. The having two shakes replace two of my meals each day is doing my head in a bit. I miss having actual food, and no matter how nutritious it is, a liquid meal just doesn't cut it for me. But, I'm in it for the duration, so I'll just suck it up (literally, lol) and get through it.

Weekend was good. Started off a bit rough though. As I was saying in a previous post, B and I went to watch the Eels play on Friday night. Not their best game to say the least. Convincingly flogged by the end of it. *sigh* They just aren't playing well this year.

Saturday morning jogged to the gym, then did a workout, was pleased with that. Did some shopping after that, we had received some book vouchers for our birthday, so we paid a visit to Borders ... usually a very costly exercise for us, so the vouchers were very handy.

Back at work today, stupidly busy, quite stressful, but the day went quickly so that's good.
Went and did 30 min on the treadmill after work, ran out the stress.

B will be home shortly, will watch an episode of Survivor, fans vs favourites, then off to bed.

Ni ni all, sleep well.

P.S two sleeps to Origin I ... go the Blues!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 6 plus other stuff

People at work got pizza for lunch today, only my favourite food ... grrr

I ended up getting a salad from Sumo Salad at Castle Hill, which was really good actually. It was only 360 calories though, and I'm supposed to eat 400-600 for the meal where I get to eat real food. So I had a handful of almonds after, that will have to do.

I've got a calendar on the fridge, where I'm marking off the days as I go, can't believe after tomorrow I'll have completed my first week.

Eels play the Roosters in the NRL tonight. We've got season tickets for the Eels, so we'll probably be going, depends how B feels when he gets home as he has been a bit under the weather. If we don't, we'll watch it on the telly at home, either is fine with me.


Picked up some registered mail today, and it was tickets to the Good Food Show. Hooray! I'm a real foodie, love the growers markets, love all that sort of stuff. Last time I went to the Good Food Show it was on at Homebush, which was excellent. Quite a few years ago now. Now it's at the Convention Centre in the city, so will be interesting to see what that is like. I'm going on the Friday so hopefully there'll be less crowds.

They have celebrity chefs put on shows, and I managed to get tickets to see Gordon Ramsay, very excited. They had to put on more shows, as the first lot of tickets to see him sold out. So I was very happy when I scored tickets for it. I know some people are put off by his swearing, but he just cracks me up.


Finally, hooray it's the weekend! Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was going to do a blog day by day for my cleanse nutritional thingy, but if there isn't much to report, I won't bother, just give updates from time to time.

One thing I have noticed though, is that I actually feel different, I feel in better health, my body seems happier. It's a nice feeling ... much better than going to work with a hangover yet again.

The habit of drinking in the evening for fun and relaxation is hard to kick, but getting easier. That's the thing about habits I suppose, when you stop doing them you feel a bit lost for a while.

I can't feel half my tongue

Just got back from the dentist. Normally I avoid the dentist like the plague, but on my birthday last week I was eating lunch and crunch, there went a bit of one of my molars. Nice birthday present.

So I had to go to the dentist, no choice. The last few days it's been sitting on my mind, like a big obstacle I couldn't really see around. And tonight, I went, and did the right thing, and got my tooth fixed up. Phew! A couple of minor panic attacks while I was in there, but got through it, so pleased with myself. Turned out that a filling had come off, wasn't actually anything wrong with the actual tooth. Still, took 45 minutes of lots of fun drilly sounding tools to get a new filling. They had a TV on the roof for you to watch, but 1) no sound, and 2) the big light thingy they have above you, obscured half of the picture. Still, nice thought.

And ... I know this will make me sound old, but when did dentists get so young?? The dentist herself looked like she was about 21, and dentist assistant guy looked no older than 16!!

Still, they were professional and friendly, and I've booked an appointment in for a regular checkup .... as I haven't had one for over a decade ... ahem

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 4

Doing better today, starting to get the hang of it all, plus no where near as tired as I have been, so that's nice.

I'm staying strong when people bring food into work too. The team I am on is notorious for always eating, always bringing things in for treats, like tea buns, choccys, lamingtons etc. And if someone makes a special effort to bring something in, like someone did today, I feel bad when they offer me something and I say no. But what can you do, you can't please everyone else and leave yourself hung out to dry.


Had a meeting with my manager today, we do quarterly reviews to see if we are on track for our big yearly performance review. Last year's review was just shit basically, I got a much lower result than I felt was fair or deserved. The meeting went well today though, I've put in some improvements on the database I administer which will make it more efficient to use, and my manager assures me that so far I am on track for a better rating this year.
Not a fan of performance review ratings, they say not to take them personally, but what else can you do when they are judging your personal performance for the year?!?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 3

Turns out that Day 3 is actually Day 1, what I thought was day 1 and 2 was just pre-cleanse days, and today was the first day. Yeah, whatever, I'm not changing my day count, it will just go up to Day 32 now.

So first cleanse day turned out to be interesting. You don't have any food if you can help it, (I had an apple, which apparently is ok if you have to have something), drink a heap of water, and four times a day drink a cleansing drink which is 'berry' flavoured. I'm telling you, those berries must be off!! The stuff smells like Perkins Paste!

Oh, and what my trainer now tells me, is that 1 in 20 people get what's called a niacin flush. Basically soon after you drink it, you go bright red. Lucky when you have to go to a customer meeting, and look all professional. I was looking at my face in the bathroom under the fluoros (never a flattering kinda light) and it looked like I'd been out in the sun for too long (say 10 hours or so). So I'm freaking out thinking something is not right, and I look like a loony. However by the time I get to the meeting it has gone back to normal colour, and tonight I find out it's quite normal, and all ok. In fact it is a good sign, that the toxins are on their way out of the building.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 2

Well, I'm hanging in there, but finding that I'm getting quite hungry during the day. Needs some fine tweaking of what I can have, as apparently between the shakes for breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner, I can have things like an apple or an almond.

Tried that today, still very hungry. The other thing my trainer suggested was half a chicken sandwich for morning and afternoon tea, will give that a go.

No alcohol is the main thing I'm having trouble with though, when it becomes such a habit, to go cold turkey is interesting to say the least. I'm irritable, and restless (a complete joy to be around ... hehe). And waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat aint no joy either. But you know what? That just tells me this is something I really need to do.

I will try to put in some other posts apart from the joys of detox, just finding it hard to think of much else at the moment.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

30 days of fun - Day 1

My trainer has convinced me to do a 30 day cleanse thing, called Isagenix. Two of my meals a day are being replaced with health shakes, and one day a week I have a cleanse day where I eat nothing but have cleansing drinks that they provide.

Sounds like fun right?

The reason I'm doing it? Well, a couple of reasons actually. One, I want to shift the fat I have around my belly. Two, it will be a good thing not to drink any alcohol at all for 30 days, my body can really use the detox.

I'm already finding it hard, as the shakes don't taste that nice, but it's only day 1, so I'll stick with it and see how I go.

One of the things they suggest is to hang some clothes you don't fit into on the back of a door somewhere, so you can see your goal. I bought some 501 jeans a while back, and to fit into them I need to lose 4 inches around my waist. I would have normally gotten a bigger size but I was told that Levi were no longer making 501s, so this was pretty much the last pair in stock. And I love 501s, I've worn them since I was around 17.

Is it possible for me to lose 4 inches? We'll see