Friday, April 11, 2008

Still here ...

Yep, I've been mightily neglecting my blog yet again, time to get serious and start writing again.

I went to the psych last week and talked through some more issues. Last Friday work had a function at North Sydney bowling club. I didn't want to go, for two reasons. North Sydney was further than I had driven before, and I didn't want to face Friday afternoon traffic. But I didn't want to not do it (I think that double negative works), as then it would be another thing that I was afraid of that I'd avoided. When you start on the avoidance trail it can be a very quick downward spiral. I sometimes think I'm just a few steps from being a full fledged agoraphobic, in a cage of my own making.

So, I went. Success! The trip there was ok, until I got to the Gore Hill freeway. Never been on a freeway by myself before. Was only on it for a little while, managed to get off at the wrong exit, but I did it. Tick! Proceeded to get hideously lost in North Sydney, which seems to be a suburb made up of no right turns. Finally got to the function, another tick in the box for me!

I think I did ok at the function, sometimes socially I'm not so great. And when I play sport (we played lawn bowls in teams) I tend to get a bit vocal, cheering people on etc. Sometimes I worry that I'm too loud, that I've made a fool of myself. I guess all I can do is be myself.

Drive home was good, didn't get lost, and traffic wasn't bad either.

So sum total is I am proud that I did it! Nice to have personal best for distance travelled by myself too.

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Snoozen said...

I found it really amazing when I first found out that you didn't enjoy driving as I always thought you looked so comfortable driving a car. I thought I was the only one that hated driving - my H is really pushing me to do more as it can be debilitating. The funny thing was when we first started dating I was the one that had to do all the driving as dad was always so kind about lending us his car.

Anyhow give yourself another pat on the back good for you.