Monday, April 14, 2008

Super powers!

Standing in line at the supermarket this evening, the check out lady called next for me to get served. I walked up to the counter, about a metre or so from where I'd been lined up, put my groceries on the counter for her to scan, and she says to me "Oh, you snuck up on me whilst I was blinking!"

Not much you can come back with for that is there ...

So not only am I very, very sneaky*, I must also be lightning fast to be able to move a metre in the space of an eye blink! lol

* does anyone know what movie that line is from?


Suze said...

Well hi there Amanda! You're blogging again - woohooo! So am I - I used to be Daffy? At Goss? Ahhh you probably don't remember :)but us SYdney gals have to stick together!
Anyways, was the movie "Mr Deeds" with Adam Sandler?

Fleat said...

I sure do remember you! I was very sad when you stopped blogging, good that you are back too, we can be blog buddies lol

Correct on the Mr Deeds movie, I love that movie.