Sunday, May 11, 2008

30 days of fun - Day 1

My trainer has convinced me to do a 30 day cleanse thing, called Isagenix. Two of my meals a day are being replaced with health shakes, and one day a week I have a cleanse day where I eat nothing but have cleansing drinks that they provide.

Sounds like fun right?

The reason I'm doing it? Well, a couple of reasons actually. One, I want to shift the fat I have around my belly. Two, it will be a good thing not to drink any alcohol at all for 30 days, my body can really use the detox.

I'm already finding it hard, as the shakes don't taste that nice, but it's only day 1, so I'll stick with it and see how I go.

One of the things they suggest is to hang some clothes you don't fit into on the back of a door somewhere, so you can see your goal. I bought some 501 jeans a while back, and to fit into them I need to lose 4 inches around my waist. I would have normally gotten a bigger size but I was told that Levi were no longer making 501s, so this was pretty much the last pair in stock. And I love 501s, I've worn them since I was around 17.

Is it possible for me to lose 4 inches? We'll see


Suze said...

I just lost 16kgs on Tony Ferguson. Same principle as the health shakes I guess. No coffee, no alcohol, yadda yadda.

Makes you feel good though!

Good luck!

Fleat said...

Congrats Suze, that's great!