Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes, I'm still here

Ahem, yes well, blog has been shamefully neglected, oops.

Didn't quite make my day by day blog of 30 days of Isagenix.

So, would I recommend Isagenix? Meh ... to tell the truth I wasn't hugely impressed. I did lose some weight (approx 2 kilos), and some girth (is that the right word? when the trainer uses the tape measure to record how many centimetres I am around neck, chest, ribs, stomach, right thigh, right calf, right bicep), but I did not reach my goal with my stomach.

My stomach, it annoys me. At one point I had lost 6cm around my stomach, but then on the final weigh in/measure in last week, that had reduced to having lost 3cm. It seems to fluctuate wildly, and I wasn't doing anything different with the diet, I stuck to it to the letter. My trainer also thought the cleanse part of it would make more of a difference to my stomach than it did.

Plus, having shakes two times a day instead of food, although I got used to it, I knew it wasn't forever, that I'd have to go back to real food at some point. I will wait and see if my weight goes back up.

But apart from the program, what I'm pleased about? 32 days alcohol free so far, and counting. Did I think I could do it? Not a chance.

Now that I know I don't have to have it to get by, I have to decide if it will form any part of my life moving into the future. That goes for caffeine too, but that's not such a big issue.

I also haven't had any tablets (ie disprin, nurofen, pill etc) since the start of the program. I'm no hero on that front though, I was lucky not to get any headaches during that time .... lol

And before anyone gets any ideas, no I'm not pregnant. Do I want to be? Yes, no, maybe ...


Suze said...

I was actually getting a wee bit concerned about you young Fleat. You disappeared!
Bad luck about the detox thing - but look at you! Alcohol free! Do you have any idea how well you have done to achieve that? Awesome stuff, you should be proud.

P.S. Go the blues *snicker* 1,548,445 to nil wasn't it :)

Snoozen said...

If you feel better without alcohol then I would continue without and maybe put the money that you are saving on a weekly basis towards a reward, something that you have wanted. Since having the girls I gave up any alcohol what so ever, was never a big drinker but enjoyed a drink on a social occasion. I actually don't miss it and when I do have a drink I can feel tipsy on two sips.

Fleat said...

Suze - thanks for that, I've been a bit concerned about you too this week.
And I won't even dignify your blues comment with a comeback *sniff* :)

Snoozen - I made it to 35 days without, but have gone back to drinking some, will see how I go. Although I do like the idea of buying myself a reward! :)