Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bit quiet at the moment

Not much posting of late I know. Work is stupidly busy at the moment, and I'm finding it extremely stressful, so my writing has kinda taken a back seat at the moment.

I'm pretty down, I feel like there's a huge weight on me, with no end in sight. Which is a silly way to feel I know, as there's always an end to things, I'm just in a bit of a dark place self esteem wise.

I'm still around though, keeping up reading on everyone's blogs, just lurking in the background for want of something interesting to say.


Suze said...

I know the feeling well. Hang in there. Don't feel obligated to post because then it just becomes yet ANOTHER thing you HAVE to do.
It'll wait until you feel brighter.

Fleat said...

Thanks Suze, appreciate your kind words.

Snoozen said...

Hope your work and your world is brighter.