Monday, July 14, 2008

Populate or perish?

Ok, so being an atheist I probably don't have the most positive view of religion and the people who preach it, but this article pissed me off ...

"The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, today warned Western nations such as Australia to populate or perish ...No Western country is producing enough babies to keep the population stable, no Western country," he said."

This seems a bit rich to me, coming from someone who has made a personal decision to not have any part in producing a baby himself, but feels he is in a position to tell other people to go and do it. Or are Catholic priests no longer celibate?


Suze said...

I can't stand the absolute hypocrisy of most churches. No wonder people shy away from organised religion.
This World Youth Day thing is just annoying. SO many people could not care less. Me being one of them.

Brian said...

People like what they like. What can you do?
But it is annoying. I'm sure if I had a party, and it caused this much hassle to other people, I'd be getting in trouble :-)