Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

It's Christmas morning here in the Sleeping in Sydney household. Hubby is just about to get out of bed, and then the present giving will commence, yay!

Had a lovely Christmas Eve. Went to the gym in the morning, had a session with my personal trainer. She's a lovely lady who has become my friend as well as my trainer. She is a positive influence in my life, and I genuinely care about her. She gave me a singlet top for Christmas from the Lorna Jane shop, it says "Positive Energy" across the front. Very nice indeed.

Later that day, hubby and I were wrapping presents, and we were talking about the present my trainer had given me. Conversation went kinda like the following:

Me: I love the singlet top *trainer's name* gave me.

H: Yeah, it's good

Me: So glad she didn't get me the pants, most of them have Lorna Jane written in big capital letters across the arse. I definitely don't want or need some chick's name written across my arse.

H: Could be worse, you could have porn star written across your arse, I've seen that around too.

Me: True


Anyways, we finished up the evening watching "It's a Wonderful Life", our traditional Christmas movie that we watch. Such a lovely movie.

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

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