Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Husband and I put up the Christmas tree today, the house feels more Christmas-y now.

I had a vague recollection of putting up the tree by myself in years past, but I couldn't remember why.

It became a little clearer when putting the Christmas lights on and it had to be redone as it wasn't distributed evenly across the tree. It became clearer still when were putting on the tinsel together and husband was rearranging some that I had just put on because "it wasn't quite at the right angle compared to the other tinsel". Which prompted me to say "You're about ten minutes away from me sending myself a gmail reminder for my calendar for next year, for why I should put the decorations on by myself". lol

Actually it was fun doing it together, and we felt even more Christmas-y due to putting on a Bing Crosby carols CD.

Here is the finished result for the tree:

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