Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holidays very soon

Work was just crazy busy today, I'm going on leave for a week next week, and all the things I'd been procrastinating about at work have come back to haunt me ... gaaaah!

So, it was in early today, work back a bit tonight, will be going in early again tomorrow, and hoping not to have to work back too late as well. At least by this time tomorrow I'll be certain to be needing a holiday :)

Nice thing is that end of next week is Easter so I get the public holidays tacked onto my annual leave, making for more time off work, yay!

B and I are heading to Terrigal for a few days, to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. We'll also be catching up with a cousin of B's and her family which will be great, we always have fun when we see them. His cousin is such a lovely lady, I'm lucky to have her as a good friend as well as a relative. She has to have one of the biggest hearts, I swear. And she is good to share a glass of wine, or two, or three with ... lol.

Will be good to relax, can't wait.

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