Friday, April 3, 2009

TBL Season 7 Episode 14

Man, what an episode of The Biggest Loser this week. I felt so so sorry for Nicole. She put in an absolutely awesome effort to lose 87lbs at home, then she only got to come back into the house for one week. No one, least of all herself, expected her to put on 5lbs when she weighed in.

But as soon as that number came up on the scale, I knew she was gone. Everyone there was so threatened by what she did at home, there was just no chance they would let her stay.

And man, I feel for Tara, she seems to be unravelling massively. When they showed her talking to Nicole whilst they were out walking, she was just talking a mile a minute, no wonder Nicole felt a bit overwhelmed. Jillian put it best though when she told Tara she was being manic. There seemed to be positive signs though when Tara was talking to Jillian, looks like she is finally starting to open up to her. Let's hope that Jillian can help her pull herself together. If she does, then I reckon Tara will be the next winner of The Biggest Loser.

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