Sunday, June 20, 2010

12WBT Round 1 wrap up

Well, Round 1 of 12WBT is now officially over. Yesterday was a HUGE day with a workout in the domain and a party at Cargo Bar. I thought I'd write down my memories now, before they fade.

The day dawned bright and sunny. I was weary as I hadn't slept well, a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I ran around like a mad thing getting everything ready I needed to take for the day.

Driving into the city is still a big deal for me, but I got there in one piece, and with only one panic attack as I neared the Lane Cove Tunnel (not a fan of tunnels, or freeways for that matter). I've changed a lot since the beginning of the 12WBT. If you'd told me a couple of months ago that I would have the confidence to drive myself into the city I wouldn't have believed you.

It took less time than I thought to drive in and get a park near Mrs Macquaries Chair. I walked up and met Amiee, who had invited me to be a helper for the big group ex session. We met up with Mish, Amelia, Tash, Amy, Tim, Rachel and the photographer guy, and headed over to the Domain. I was nervous about being a helper as I didn't want to stuff it up. Michelle is such a role model for me, I did NOT want to look like an idiot in front of her, or let her down in any way.

I had the advanced section to help look after, and oh man, my fitness was tested with the first section with Amelia. Sprints are definitely not my thing, I'm more of an endurance runner, so that was interesting lol. My HR got up to about 200, which is kinda big for me!

The next section was with Michelle. I got to demonstrate exercises with her!!! I'm still pinching myself. How on earth did I get lucky enough to be able to do that. I tell ya, I was listening so hard when she was describing to me what we were about to do, to make sure I understood. I got to join in with the exercising and had a lovely person to partner up with, Lisa I think her name is.

The next section was with Rachel. She didn't need my help, and Michelle called me over to demonstrate with her again. I was in heaven at this point! Exercising! With Michelle! The lady who has inspired me to no end, who was part of the reason I became a PT. I can never thank her enough.

After the exercise session I made my way across to the Radisson, with some difficulty as my GPS thingy kept losing signal, plus there was crazy traffic. Gaaah! Got there half an hour late, but it turned out to be all good. Julie Hoffmann kindly let us use her hotel room to get hair and makeup done. So many laughs and I think everyone in the room talked non stop for about 3 hours!

Jess and I made our way over to the Cargo Bar to drop off some of the prizes, then back to the Radisson, to walk back over with the rest of the girls. There were a few grumbles about the walk (NO, we can not take a taxi, it is not that far!!), but we got there in good time. Met up with a few other 12WBTers once we arrived, then it was in to the party. Each of us got to have a professional photo with Michelle, which was nice, then we were handed a drink and a showbag. I had such a good night, catching up with old friends and new, so many laughs, so many hugs :)

Then we were on to the prizes. Quite a few people got prizes, was great to see Hoffy get up on stage, she's had an amazing journey over the last 12 weeks. I was lucky enough to get a lucky door prize, yay me!!

Sue was sitting next to me, adamant that wasn't going to get a prize. I was adamant she was, as Amelia had asked her to email her after photo to her. And it turned out I was right! Sue won!!! WOO HOO!! Go girl! Seriously this woman was on a mission from the get go, her focus and determination was amazing and inspiring. She gave a lovely acceptance speech, I got a big mention as her trainer, was very humbled and blessed. I've been more than happy to help her, push her to go just that bit further with running.

After that, a couple more drinks, more chatting to people, more photos, and then I was off home.

So thanks 12WBT, for an out of this world experience, I have done so many things that I never thought I would.

Special thanks to the Parramatta crew, Jess my co-organiser, Sue the machine, the two Michelles, and Jo, we had some fun that's for sure!

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