Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quiet weekend for me

A very quiet weekend is in store for me. Literally, as I've lost my voice!

I had thought my cold was getting better, but as yesterday went on, I noticed my voice was getting a bit hoarse. Uh oh! I've lost my voice in the past a couple of times, and I know that's usually a precursor symptom. Still, I went out to dinner with some friends to a local pub. Not the smartest move, in hindsight. I guess I just thought I'd had enough of being cooped up at home, and a good night's sleep would take care of things. Nope! Woke this morning to find I can't manage anything above a whisper.

Annoying as I had plans today. I was supposed to be going out to brunch with some of the ladies I used to work with at IBM. I've been looking forward to it for weeks, but there was just no way I could go. Nicely they are rescheduling, so that I can come. Very sweet of them to do that.

I also had a session with a client this afternoon, but a personal trainer without a voice isn't terribly useful, so that got rescheduled.

And tonight I was supposed to be going to Parra Stadium to watch the Eels take on the Broncos. I haven't been to a game for a while, so was excited about going. But, if in hindsight it was not smart to go to the pub last night, going out and sitting in a cold stadium for a few hours would be close to stupid.

So, it's 12.30 and I'm still in my PJs, I've been reading, and I'm downloading the first episode of True Blood to see if I like it. We'll watch the footy from the lounge tonight, I'll rest, relax, and hopefully this illness will take the hint and leave me!

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