Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Australian Idol in the making?

When we were up at Wet'n'Wild we were standing in line for a ride (as you do), feeling slightly uncomfortable wearing wet cossies, standing about with 20 or so similarly clad other people.

Wet'n'Wild likes to play music throughout the grounds, which is cool with me, I quite like some of the music young people listen to these days. :P

Anyways, a Kelly Clarkson song comes on, and this boy in the queue starts singing along. Now most people when they sing along to a song, kinda sing a couple of words here and there, and fairly quietly. Not this kid.

I'm guessing he was about 13 maybe ... definitely pre puberty, and he sang every . single . word .... and reasonably loudly. And his voice was higher than Kelly's ...

That song finished, a rock song, can't remember which, but a male singer, came on ... nothing. Didn't want to sing to that one.

Next song - Pink. Again, sang every word. Again, reasonably loudly, and again voice higher than Pinks.

Made B and I laugh. Maybe in about ten years time if the show is still going, we'll see him on Australian Idol. :)

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