Monday, December 17, 2007


It's fair to say I don't like rats. It's fair to say I hate rats. They scare the bejesus out of me. The way they move so quick, their beady eyes, pointy teeth, thick tail ... errrggh.

I read the Sydney Morning Herald online and today I came across this article

They've discovered a rat which is "about five times the size of a typical city rat," and oh how lucky, has "no fear of humans".

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Photo is from SMH

Let me just say, I don't plan to travel to the Foja mountains rainforest in eastern Papua province anytime soon!


B said...

Sometimes the world is not a perfect place, but each to its own, eh?

You'll probably be terrified by this too - also has no fear of humans!

Fleat said...

Terrifying, that jumper is at least 30 years out of fashion!!

B said...

let's try that URL again (in 3 lines so hopefully not truncated):

Harvey said...

Say, where's that guy's left hand? :-)