Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas shopping

Drive into Parramatta early enough to beat the traffic ... good. Shops not open yet ... priceless.

Bright spark that I am I decided to get there at 9am, figuring I'd beat everyone there. And I did, including the shop owners. Sundays the shops open at 10 apparently, even 2 and a half weeks before Christmas.

So, I treated myself to a Bacon and Egg McMuffin and a hash brown (I went to the gym yesterday, it's all about balance). Then wandered about for a bit until the shops opened. By the time 10:00 came there were more people about, probably about 10 people waiting outside the shop I was waiting for.

Got a couple of presents ticked off. Buying presents is hard, I really really want the person I am buying for to like their presents. It's like if they don't like the present then they will think I don't love them enough, that I wasn't able to divine the exact present they would love the most. Silly really. But at least I know it's silly, so that's a step in the right direction. :)


Melody said...

Yeah, best beat the crowds and find a carpark! And what a good way to fill in an hour than have Micky D's. Yum.

B said...

As long as you bought lots of nice pressies for me :-)

And now, if I open my presents on xmas day and find a stale and cold B+E McMuffin, at least I'll know why ...

Snoozen said...

Hey I had a dream about Parramatta last night after reading your blog. I also felt like Maccas after it. I think it is lovely that you worry so much about the present for people. I am also the same I almost over think it from the present to the wrapping and then it is torn off, card discarded. Our daughters got an early present from their great Aunt yesterday in the post. They opened it and it was so wonderful, a pencil case, pencil sharpener, diary, socks, coin purse, eraser, and bag to put them in, great peter pan type imagery, some socks and a frock for the younger one and chocolate for us. She had thought of everything and the joy that came from the parcel arriving on the doorstep and contents was wonderful. But most amazingly H Aunt is almost 85 and lives a good 30 minutes (country) drive from any decent shops. We rang her and she has a very bad cold so did this under those circumstances.

I think you should stop and think wow, I got to Parramatta, wow, I bought some food and yeah I can tick some pressies off and if they don't like them they can return them! (But I am sure they will love them) we have always loved what you have bought for us in the past so why would your gifting skills change.