Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday part three

One of the days we decided to go to Wet'n'Wild on the Gold Coast. This is a water rides theme park, which is probably about a 45 minute drive from Kingscliff. There are many rides, ranging from very tame to full adrenalin rush.

We'd been once before, in school holidays. This was a mistake we were not likely to repeat. The queues for each ride were enormous, you'd be waiting up to 45 minutes for a 1 minute ride! This time, it was out of school holidays, and much much better. There were still queues for some of the rides, but it wasn't bad.

It was a good day, certainly a tiring one. There's lots of walking (surprising how sore bare feet can get walking on concrete all day!), and lots of climbing stairs as some of the rides start quite high up. Good time was had, we didn't get overly sunburnt, and we got to finish off the day with dinner at a friend's place. These friends used to live in St Ives, but a couple of years ago they decided to move to the Gold Coast. It was great to see them again and catch up, was sad when they moved away, don't get to see them much now.

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Snoozen said...

Another reward for your journey North, catching up with good friends. If you hadn't ventured North you wouldn't have seen them!