Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Being kind to myself

I went to see my psych today, mainly to talk about my self esteem, which seems to have been sinking lower and lower for a while now.

I tend to not see the good in myself and be way too hard on myself. I'm not kind to myself. In fact I can be downright nasty to myself in my head.

As I have trouble finding good things about myself, I've been tasked with writing down when someone says something nice to me, or when something positive happens. I'm hoping to turn my negative self talk into realising that there are good things about myself. Which yeah, I know, I've talked about already on this blog, but I really need to absorb it, to accept it.

Today my psych told me it was awesome that I went to Queensland and back. And it is. And you know what, it's made changes in my life already, that drive, even as unpleasant as it was at times. On the weekend B and I went into the city to the IMAX theatre in Darling Harbour. The drive in, which normally I would have avoided like the plague, was much easier for having done the much bigger drive to Queensland. We went the M2, the Lane Cove Tunnel and the Gore Hill freeway, all of which I have had trouble with in the past. I won't say there was no fear, but there were no panic attacks, and the anxiety was down to a workable level.

Hooray me!


Anonymous said...

Hi. As the psych in question I say, congrats to you for writing this stuff down. For prosperity... you are a good person. I know it is hard to change old habbits but you are worth it. Above all, be your best friend.

Snoozen said...

I have sent you an email which hopefully will inspire. Life is alot about attitude and having the right sort of attitude, we can start the day feeling deflated and never rise above that feeling or we can worry about today and staying positive today as tomorrow will come and it will be the tomorrow we spent time worrying about today!

You are kind and caring and don't forget that.

A said...

Well done! I hate driving the Gore Hill freeway too, so I can see how much of a glorious victory for you to have done it!