Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger dead at 28

Arrived at work this morning to the news that Heath Ledger had died. So very sad.

Like many others I loved his movies, I've watched "Ten things I hate about you" and "A Knight's tale" countless times. So young to die, such a waste.

I feel so sad for his young daughter too, only 2 years old and she's lost her Dad.

It doesn't seem real that he's dead, just really unbelievable news. Hard to imagine we'll never see that cheeky smile again.

* photo comes from website Rotten Tomatoes

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Snoozen said...

I was also in shock when I heard the news. I felt sad for Matilda, but I also felt extreme sadness for his parents. Being halfway round the world hearing all these things about their son but not being close enough to know what really is media and what is reality.

It is unbelievable news but at least his family and friends can take comfort in knowing that he was loved and lived a lot in only 28 years.