Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Touching base

So, I'm doing ok. I haven't been drunk since that horrible time between Christmas and New Years. I haven't stuck to the no drinks whatsoever most nights, in that I'll usually have one or two after dinner, but it's an improvement.

Exercise side of things has also improved, working out about 3 times a week now, and I'm starting to notice some definition in some of my muscles, so happy about that.

I'm feeling a bit flat at the moment, been very tired this week. Combination of things, late nights, early wake ups, that time of the month ...

Today I didn't work hard at all at work. Instead of beating myself up about it (which I have been known to do), I see it as just a day when I was very very tired, tomorrow's another day. Had a session with my personal trainer after work, that went well, proud of myself.

Off now to watch Amazing Race, then bedtime for me.

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Snoozen said...

Hope your feeling better soon. Hope your having a better week this week. Would love to watch the amazing race when you get a chance.