Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stuff of nightmares

I've always been a dreamer, in that I dream most nights, and tend to remember my dreams for a little while after. Not a long while, but an hour or so the next day. What goes along with that is that sometimes, the dreams, they are not so nice. The not so nice ones I remember for a bit longer.

Nightmares for me tend to be variations on a theme. The major one is that there is a bad man, and he is trying to kill me. I think this may well be a side effect from reading a lot of Stephen King as an impressionable teenager. The bad guy from The Stand springs to mind quite readily. These days I tend not to read horror books or watch horror movies.

Last night I dreamt (hmm that's not a word ... dreamed maybe?) I was home alone. Except it was a home that doesn't look like the one I actually live in. I'd walked home and there was a guy in navy work clothes in a navy van along the way. Then I was home looking out, and the same guy was walking past with another guy and as he walked past he nodded towards my house, as if to say, this is the one. Somehow I knew that they wanted to kill me (fun dream huh?). I called the police but they said there wasn't enough to go on.

Next I remember is the guy ringing the door bell. I talked to him through the intercom, he wanted to wash the windows. I explained I wasn't interested (feeling of terror pervading dream at this point). He kept on insisting, I kept on saying I wasn't interested, then it was like I could see through the door, I saw him pull a gun out. I think I mostly woke up at that point, and made up the rest of the story while I was awake, that I called the police and they came and got him. I woke up all the way after that, and it felt like adrenalin had been pumped through me, I still had a sense of dread.

Gave B a hug and went back to sleep eventually.

Guess it is a good thing I'm seeing a psych huh!


B said...

hmmm ... so we have deep-seated fears of sailors, guns, home-invasion, and dirty windows. that's a fairly classic set of symptoms.

Snoozen said...

Aren't bad dreams just an indication that you are about to face change. So lets think of change for good...