Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 10 - nothing off my waist

Bit of a down day today. Second of four cleanse days of the program. I'm finding these are the days that my mood takes a downward spiral a bit, I'm a bit quieter, more insular. I'm guessing part of that is the hardly any food thing (I've had an apple, plus they give you these wafer snacks that you're allowed 6 of during the day).

However, mostly it's because I'm not seeing the results I went on this thing for. I wanted to lose fat from around my stomach. I had a workout with my trainer tonight, and she took measurements to compare with measurements taken at the beginning of the program. Nothing off my stomach. Nothing! At all. And my weight on the scales, exactly the same.

In my other measurements I did lose in other places, my neck (what's with that??), my chest, my ribs, my thigh. Not areas I needed to lose anything at all, I mean geez, I don't have much in the way of boobs as it is!

This is a whiny post, I apologise. I know that it's only day 10, there's a ways to go. Just disheartening that's all. My trainer is going to go over what I've eaten, and figure out what is going on, as she thought there'd be more of a difference after 10 days too.

I've stuck to the program to the letter, so maybe my body is just slow to get going, we'll see.

P.S One more sleep to Origin I, let's hope the Blues can get up tomorrow night.


Suze said...

It'll happen eventually. Apparently, and I'm no expert, when losing weight, you cannot target particular areas. It comes off where it comes off. Eventually though? It's got to start coming off the harder to get areas.
Maybe it's just taking a little while for your metabolism to adjust to the new you!

And on a lighter note? Rugby League? OMG make it stop :( Loathe it ;)

Fleat said...

Thanks Suze, I'll get there, just get down sometimes.

Loathe Rugby League??? NOOOOooo, say it isn't so! :)

Snoozen said...

After talking to you on Sunday great to hear that it was all a BIG mistake and you are sheading the kilos. Having said that when I saw you on Sunday you looked trim taut and terrific!