Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 3

Turns out that Day 3 is actually Day 1, what I thought was day 1 and 2 was just pre-cleanse days, and today was the first day. Yeah, whatever, I'm not changing my day count, it will just go up to Day 32 now.

So first cleanse day turned out to be interesting. You don't have any food if you can help it, (I had an apple, which apparently is ok if you have to have something), drink a heap of water, and four times a day drink a cleansing drink which is 'berry' flavoured. I'm telling you, those berries must be off!! The stuff smells like Perkins Paste!

Oh, and what my trainer now tells me, is that 1 in 20 people get what's called a niacin flush. Basically soon after you drink it, you go bright red. Lucky when you have to go to a customer meeting, and look all professional. I was looking at my face in the bathroom under the fluoros (never a flattering kinda light) and it looked like I'd been out in the sun for too long (say 10 hours or so). So I'm freaking out thinking something is not right, and I look like a loony. However by the time I get to the meeting it has gone back to normal colour, and tonight I find out it's quite normal, and all ok. In fact it is a good sign, that the toxins are on their way out of the building.

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