Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 4

Doing better today, starting to get the hang of it all, plus no where near as tired as I have been, so that's nice.

I'm staying strong when people bring food into work too. The team I am on is notorious for always eating, always bringing things in for treats, like tea buns, choccys, lamingtons etc. And if someone makes a special effort to bring something in, like someone did today, I feel bad when they offer me something and I say no. But what can you do, you can't please everyone else and leave yourself hung out to dry.


Had a meeting with my manager today, we do quarterly reviews to see if we are on track for our big yearly performance review. Last year's review was just shit basically, I got a much lower result than I felt was fair or deserved. The meeting went well today though, I've put in some improvements on the database I administer which will make it more efficient to use, and my manager assures me that so far I am on track for a better rating this year.
Not a fan of performance review ratings, they say not to take them personally, but what else can you do when they are judging your personal performance for the year?!?

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