Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 6 plus other stuff

People at work got pizza for lunch today, only my favourite food ... grrr

I ended up getting a salad from Sumo Salad at Castle Hill, which was really good actually. It was only 360 calories though, and I'm supposed to eat 400-600 for the meal where I get to eat real food. So I had a handful of almonds after, that will have to do.

I've got a calendar on the fridge, where I'm marking off the days as I go, can't believe after tomorrow I'll have completed my first week.

Eels play the Roosters in the NRL tonight. We've got season tickets for the Eels, so we'll probably be going, depends how B feels when he gets home as he has been a bit under the weather. If we don't, we'll watch it on the telly at home, either is fine with me.


Picked up some registered mail today, and it was tickets to the Good Food Show. Hooray! I'm a real foodie, love the growers markets, love all that sort of stuff. Last time I went to the Good Food Show it was on at Homebush, which was excellent. Quite a few years ago now. Now it's at the Convention Centre in the city, so will be interesting to see what that is like. I'm going on the Friday so hopefully there'll be less crowds.

They have celebrity chefs put on shows, and I managed to get tickets to see Gordon Ramsay, very excited. They had to put on more shows, as the first lot of tickets to see him sold out. So I was very happy when I scored tickets for it. I know some people are put off by his swearing, but he just cracks me up.


Finally, hooray it's the weekend! Hope you guys have a great weekend.


Suze said...

I am TOTALLY jealous! I LOVE Gordon Ramsay! You lucky thing.
Good to see you are still hanging in there - well done - nearly 1 week down!

Snoozen said...

Do you want Pizza next weekend instead of the proposed lamb? That is if you are free next weekend - it is getting further and further away from your birthday, so hopefully we can get together soon!

Fleat said...

Suze - yeah Gordon is cool, we're watching the 4th season of Hells Kitchen which we *cough*downloaded*cough*

Snoozen - heya, as much as I'd love the pizza, the lamb would be healthier for me. Plus I do love roast lamb as well, so win win for me! We are free, and looking forward to seeing you.