Thursday, May 15, 2008

I can't feel half my tongue

Just got back from the dentist. Normally I avoid the dentist like the plague, but on my birthday last week I was eating lunch and crunch, there went a bit of one of my molars. Nice birthday present.

So I had to go to the dentist, no choice. The last few days it's been sitting on my mind, like a big obstacle I couldn't really see around. And tonight, I went, and did the right thing, and got my tooth fixed up. Phew! A couple of minor panic attacks while I was in there, but got through it, so pleased with myself. Turned out that a filling had come off, wasn't actually anything wrong with the actual tooth. Still, took 45 minutes of lots of fun drilly sounding tools to get a new filling. They had a TV on the roof for you to watch, but 1) no sound, and 2) the big light thingy they have above you, obscured half of the picture. Still, nice thought.

And ... I know this will make me sound old, but when did dentists get so young?? The dentist herself looked like she was about 21, and dentist assistant guy looked no older than 16!!

Still, they were professional and friendly, and I've booked an appointment in for a regular checkup .... as I haven't had one for over a decade ... ahem


Brian said...

"getting younger" ... like the policemen are all getting younger too? :-)
I think it's probably deliberate - they give the young patients the young dentists, and the older patients the older dentists.

Fleat said...

Hey, those policemen are getting younger!! :)